PBS Stations Should Jump Ship

Update 6/17/09: The board has decided on the matter.

pbs logo 1971The Washington Post just came out with an article stating that the board of directors for PBS is going to vote in their next meeting (June 14-16) if they should start enforcing a 25 year old rule adopted to their By-laws in 1985. The rule is a “fairness-and-balance” policy and states that PBS content should be non-commercial, non-partisan, and non-sectarian.

This means that all member stations would lose PBS affiliation or be forced to cut their programs that don’t meet their to-date un-enforced requirements. It specifically would not allow religious programming. So stations owned by religious organisations such as WLAE and KBYU would particularly have a  hard time maintaining PBS status with their current programming. Many more stations (KBDI, WHUT, KLVX, KMBH, to name a few) air religious programs and would certainly be forced to drop them, or lose PBS status.

I’m calling on all PBS affiliates who are airing content that violate PBS By-laws to pre-empt the PBS decision and drop their PBS membership to show PBS that we/you don’t need them. Consider the following reason for dropping your PBS affiliation:

  • Your  station is currently violating the By-laws.
  • Do you really want to be told by the Government what you can/can’t air? (The entire board or directors for CPB is appointed by the President of the United States, and confirmed by the Senate.)
  • You shouldn’t be subsidised by tax dollars. Approximately half of funding comes from federal and local tax payers.
  • PBS / CPB was created in 1967 to provide diversity from the  THREE private networks. This isn’t a problem any more. How many channels do you currently get on your TV? The chartered purpose of PBS has been well out-lived. We don’t need government subsidised television any longer.
  • There is no substantial leeway in the Constitution giving government the permission to be involved in the first place.
  • And if you say you won’t be able to survive without the government hand-out then so be it. If you can’t survive on your own, then maybe you shouldn’t exist.

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People with “authority”

REI ATM MachineOn May 9th, 2009 Shane Becker was in R.E.I making a purchase. While standing in line he notices two men working on an ATM machine. He snaps a picture of the ATM with his iPhone (pictured at right). Why? Because he enjoys seeing the inside of machines that he doesn’t normally get to see. What happens next is a surprising series of events. I encourage you to read it on his blog, or listen to Shane tell his story on the Dori Monson radio show by clicking on the play button below.


After listening to most of callers to the show I wanted to quote Benjamin Franklin to them:

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

It’s incidents like this and others that get the attention of the people and seem to justify websites such as policeabuse.com. From reading over the Loomis Risk Management website these agents seem to simply be doing their job… or are they taking it to the extreme?

Loomis’ employees play a decisive role in controlling and reporting the risks …and threats that require action

What do you think? Do you side with Shane in this case or with the Loomis agents and the police?