Paying for your neighbors TV upgrade

digital converter boxBecause of the Digital Television Transition and Public Safety Act of 2005, analog television broadcasts are going to end on February 17 2009. What this means is that after this date you will no longer be able to watch a TV signal using the traditional roof antenna or rabbit ears. The broadcasts will still be transmitted over the airways just like the analog signals except for one import difference. The signal will be encoded in a digital format. This requires that your TV must know how to decode the signal into an analog signal to view on your TV. Most newer TV’s come with a built-in digital tuner, but many of the existing TV’s out there do not. In fact the government calculates that there are around 73 million sets without digital capabilities.

Now, here is where it this program starts to smell bad. The government is going to subsidize (pay for your digital converter box) up to 80% of the price of the converter box. Not just one converter box but TWO of them. The program works like this. They allocated $1.5 billion dollars to this subsidy program. It’s a first come first serve program, if they run out of money then you lose out. There are two ways to request the coupon. Either by this telephone number 1-888-DTV-2009, or their website, You will then be mailed a coupon worth up to $40 towards the purchase of a converter box (including a remote control). The coupon expires however within 90 days.

I hope by now you are wondering why your tax dollars are being spent to support others TV habits! Does the government have the constitutional right to spend your money in this fashion? Even if they do justify the right some how, do you think they should be doing it? It really blows my mind, that I pay taxes to help my neighbors upgrade their television sets. This is just another example of the poor fiscal responsibility of our congress. I’d recommend you let your congressmen know you are displeased with him/her, and then try to find a replacement to elect in their stead :-). I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this program, feel free to leave a comment below.

Oh, I almost forgot… my recommendation is not to partake in this filthy subsidy program… all such socialistic programs have a corrupting and addicting nature to them.

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