Statesman v. Politician

How to tell?


In light of the recent presidential debates I found myself recognizing a clearer distinction between a Statesman and a Politician. I used the pronoun “he” instead of “he/she” for continuity only. A “she” can most definitely apply to either. Here are some of those distinctions:

A Statesman talks of concrete ideas. He addresses and reminds us of history, human nature and personal responsibility.

A Politician talks of abstract ideas. He uses hypotheticals to make his point and uses his solutions as the only answer.

A Statesman reminds us of individual responsibility.

A Politician wants the power to force individuals to be responsible.

A Statesman is accountable to his conscience, reason and God.

A Politician is accountable to campaign contributors.

A Statesman says the same thing over and over with no regard for public opinion.

A Politician caters their response to their perception of the listener.

A Statesman will name the principle and historical examples.

A Politician will site easily manipulated statistics.

A Statesman’s record will match the principle and the philosophy.

A Politician’s record will match past public opinion.

A Statesman values integrity, knowledge and courage.

A Politician values charisma, intelligence and resolve.

A Statesman will admit when they were wrong.

A Politician will put the blame elsewhere.

A Statesman declares his cause viz. liberty, capitalism, peace.

A Politician labels his cause hope or change.

and finally…

A Statesman can duplicate himself by teaching.

A Politician believes he cannot be duplicated.

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