Eternal Vigilance: Our Civic Duty

I’ve heard the saying that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty since history class in junior high.  I grew up thinking my parents were eternally vigilant. Every election I would watch the ritual of civic duty performed as my parents watched a debate or two and heading down to the local elementary school to vote.  With freedom firmly secure they would […]

Statesman v. Politician

How to tell?   In light of the recent presidential debates I found myself recognizing a clearer distinction between a Statesman and a Politician. I used the pronoun “he” instead of “he/she” for continuity only. A “she” can most definitely apply to either. Here are some of those distinctions: A Statesman talks of concrete ideas. […]

Throw your vote away?

Another presidential election season is fully upon us. I tend to vote for third party candidates for presidential elections. I do this because I don’t think the two major parties do a very good job of representing me in government. I often like the messages I hear from third party candidates. I think that in […]

Truth Seeking

Winston Churchill said, “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.” I believe that in everyone’s life, there comes an opportunity to go in the direction of truth. My opportunity came a couple of months after the birth of my second child. […]